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La Leche League is an international, nonprofit, nonsectarian organization dedicated to providing support, encouragement, information, and education to parents who want to breastfeed.

La Leche League of Western Pennsylvania was established in 1980 for the purpose of promoting, protecting and supporting breastfeeding in our Area and beyond.

Today, it is comprised of 17 Groups and more than 60 accredited leaders within Western Pennsylvania and Northern West Virginia.

La Leche League Groups offer sets of four meetings in a series covering a wide range of topics addressing the practical, emotional and physical aspects of parenting a breastfed baby. La Leche League Leaders are specially trained and accredited volunteers who have had breastfeeding experience and who are available by phone and at Group meetings.

For more breastfeeding help and information please visit LLLILLL USA, and the LLL Alliance for Breastfeeding Education.

Looking for a Group or Leader?

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Find a Group online or call our central referral line at (412) 256-8840 for referral to a leader who can give you more information about your local Groups and Leaders.

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Members receive discounts to our Parenting / Breastfeeding Conferences, a subscription to New Beginnings, the premiere family breastfeeding e-zine, as well as the benefit of a tax deduction of your membership dollars.

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Your donation helps to further our mission of offering support and education to breastfeeding parents and their families, increasing awareness about the many benefits of breastfeeding to the public, media outlets and medical community, as well as helping to train new volunteers for leadership opportunities throughout the communities of Western PA.

Current Happenings in our Area

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